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Welcome to The Bathtub Brewers™!  
We are a site dedicated to providing
craft brewers of beer with the means to
connect to one another in order to
exchange ideas and information.  Within
these pages, you'll find a  number of ways
to take advantage of the internet's capacity
to distribute knowledge about our craft.

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There are a number of areas to explore on this site. 
Here is a brief description of what you will find.

ICQ Lists of Homebrewers Around the World
Arranged by Country and State

Clubs, Supplies, Organizations, Magazines,
Personal Pages, Beer History, Brewing Help

Database containing the best recipes by style.

Message post board where you can get your
brewing-related questions answered.

Live discussions with other homebrewers

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He obviously visited
The Bathtub Brewers Message Post Board
and got all of his homebrewing questions answered!

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November, 1999

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