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The Homebrewing Beginner's Page

So, you've never brewed your own beer.   Well, don't fret!
You can make excellent beer with a small investment
in equipment and a little know-how.



         metallic_sml.gif (940 bytes)  Learn what you need
                       Brewing and Bottling Equipment

         metallic_sml.gif (940 bytes)  Find out where to get it
                        The Bathtub Brewers' Supply Shop Links Page


  Homebrewing Methods

         metallic_sml.gif (940 bytes)  Your First Batch
                    John Palmer's How to Brew Your First Beer


  Get Help

         metallic_sml.gif (940 bytes)  Online
                         The Bathtub Brewers' Message Post Board
                         The Bathtub Brewers' ICQ List

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                       (1)   Check with your local homebrew supply shop,
                               They are staffed with knowledgeable brewers
                               who enjoy introducing others to the craft.
                       (2)   Join a homebrewing club in your community.
                               Look for links to club homepages here:
The Bathtub Brewer's Homebrewing Club Links
                       (3)   Buy homebrewing books:
The Bathtub Brewers' Beginners Bookstore


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