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  What is The Bathtub Brewers Webring?
     A webring is a virtual "ring" of brewing websites
      that are linked together so that you can follow link after link
      and eventually return to the site where you started.  Hence,
      it is a "ring" of sites with brewing-related content.

  Why would I want to join the ring?
     If you've spent the time to design a website, you obviously
      would like other brewers out there to stop by and see what
      you have to contribute to the craft.  The BTB Webring
      allows you to gain "traffic" on your site.   In addition, you
      link to other homebrewing sites and pay back the favor.

  Is it difficult to join?
     Not at all.  If you've designed your own website, you likely
      know all that you need to know in order to become a
      member of the ring.  All that you have to do is copy and
      paste a small amount of HTML code into your webpage
      (this will be the code that links your site to other sites in
      the ring).

  What do we require to join the ring?
     1.  Please only submit sites with content that includes topics related to
           beer and/or mead brewing.  Commercial sites will only be included in
           the ring if the link is placed to pages with informative content for the
           homebrewer.  This ring is not intended to promote suppliers (please
           submit your link here in order to promote your commercial site)
      2.  Please only submit a site if you feel that you will be able to add the
           necessary HTML to the page in order to link to other sites in the ring.
      3.  Please include the logo for the BTB WebRing somewhere near the
           links to the other pages in the ring and link the logo to our WebRing
           homepage (i.e. this page) so that anyone who sees your site will have
           the opportunity to join the ring themselves.  Your links and logo
           should appear similar to what you see at the bottom of this page
           with the exception that the name of your site will automatically be
           listed at the end of "owned by..." in the code that follows your application.
           Feel free to be creative, but please do not alter the logo.

  Sound good?   Then submit your site today!  You will
  receive the HTML code that needs to be inserted on your site
  and further directions by e-mail after you fill out the form.

  Click the "Submit Site" button and become a link in
  The Bathtub Brewers Webring!

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