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M & T's Special
Submitted by:  Tom Heffernan

  5 gallons

  O.G. 1.063
  F.G. 1.016

  6.6 lb Coopers Light Malt extract
  1 lb light dry malt extract
  1 lb Carapils
  1 lb crystal malt - 20L
  0.5 lb crystal malt - 60L
  0.25 lb pale chocolate malt
  0.5 lb Belgian biscuit malt
  0.75 oz Northern Brewer leaf hops (60 min)
  1 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops (45 min)
  0.75 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops (15 min)
  0.25 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops (1 min)
  1 pkg White Labs English Ale Yeast
  1 cup light dry malt extract priming

1) Steep grains in 150-180 F brewing water (amount of water   determined by the size of your pot) for 15-20 minutes. Then remove.
2) Mix in dry malt extract. Bring to boil, watch for boilover.
3) After hot break, add 3/4 oz Northern Brewer leaf hops. After 15 minutes add 1 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops. After another 30 minutes add malt extract syrup (Be careful not to scorch) and 3/4 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops. Add 1/4 oz East Kent Golding leaf hops with 1 minute left in boil.
4) Cool contents of pot to 70-80 (cool to the touch), put into fermenter, top up with additional water if necessary to make 5 gallons.
5) Add yeast, ferment using your preferred methods.

Notes: This recipe won 3rd prize in the English Pale Ale category in the 1999 Brew Debut competition.





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