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Gotcha Pale Ale
Submitted by:  Harlen Nilsen
of the Kearny Area Brewers


  5.5 Gallons
  Color=8.6 SRM

  8.75 lb. 2 Row Pale Malt 80%
  1.4 lb. Crystal 20 deg. 8%
  .6 lb. Munich 10 deg. 5%
  .75 lb. Wheat Malt 7%
  1.6 oz. Cascade Hops 6%AA 60 min.
  .5 oz. Cascade Hops 6%AA 20 min.
  1 oz. Cascade Hops 4.2% Steep
  1 tsp.Irish Moss 15 min.
  Wyeast #1056 American Ale Yeast cultured to 1 qt.

  Treat R.O. water with 2 tsp. per 5 gallons Burton on Trent Salts.

Single step infusion mash at 152 deg. F. until complete    conversion. Raise temp to 170 deg. and sparge with 170 deg. F.  hot liquor. Keep pH in range of 5.2 to 5.4.

Boil 60 min. adding the hops and irish moss at the times shown above. Whirlpool, cool to 70 deg.F. and take 5.5 gals. to fermentor. Bottle or keg when finished. If bottling, use 3/4 Cup corn sugar to prime. If kegging, carbonate to 2.5 volumes.

My T.G. is a little high as my mash temp slipped up to 163 deg.F. and this added dextrins to the beer. It is a great tasting beer although a little sweet because of the dextrins. If controlled at approx. 152 deg., the T.G. would probably be in the .010-.012 range. Our club members and my friends and also our local micro brewer like this beer. In fact our micro man asked me for the recipe, thus the percentages of malt are shown. You can size it up to any size batch easily knowing this. I kegged mine and the keg is going empty quickly. Try this, you'll like it.


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