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New Chat Group Submission Form

Please read the following instructions/comments in order to start your own chat group:

    We would love to add chat sessions that involve NEW content to our schedule and we need you to help organize them!  If you are interested in organizing a brewing-related discussion group/ chat, please submit the following form to us and we will get the chat room setup and ready to go.  We will advertise the chat on our schedule, but we encourage you to get in touch with fellow brewers to let them know about the chat to ensure that you have the turnout that you want.  There is NO need to re-schedule every week, your chat will be scheduled weekly on the same date and time until you notify us otherwise (or until we see that the chat is not actually happening!).  Chats are scheduled on a weekly basis and, unfortunately, will not be able to be scheduled at intervals other than weekly.  You may schedule a chat for the same date/time as other ones that are currently scheduled as we can set up additional chat rooms to accommodate the time that you need.  It may be necessary to obtain usernames and passwords for the server that we use to setup the chat room (all will be FREE of any charge) so you must be willing to do this in order to start your own chat group.   Please be patient as this is not an automated process.  We will attempt to start your group in a timely fashion and you will be notified by e-mail when your very own brewing chat session time is reserved!

Please provide the following contact information:


Enter the day of the week that you would like to have your chat:

Enter the time on the above day that you would like to schedule your chat
(please make sure to include am/pm):

Please provide a title for your chat and briefly describe its content (must be brewing related!):

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