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Chat Room Help


cool_rainbow_ani.gif (5981 bytes)   Chat rooms on Yahoo!'s server
                        (Please note:  The Bathtub Brewers™ site is in no way affiliated with Yahoo!)

                        1.   You must get a username and password from Yahoo!
                                in order to join a chat room.   These are FREE and
                                involve filling out an online form.  The username and
                                password are established instantly.  Click
                                 here to fill out the application.

                        2.   Once you have your username and password, join the club
                                where the chat room is found by following these directions.

                        3.   Enter the chat room by pressing "Chat" on the menu at the
                                left-hand side of the club home screen, or by going to the
                                chat room at the bottom of the home screen and clicking
                                on the word "enter"

                        4.   If all else fails, e-mail us with the problem that you are
                                 having and we will do our best to help you out.