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Brewing and Bottling Equipment

  Note: Most homebrewing supply shops have pre-assembled kits with all of the
                 supplies that you will need.  Check the list below to make sure that these
                 essentials are included.

  Brewing Equipment

         (1)  Brewing Kettle - Twenty to thirty-two quart kettle,
                                             the bigger the better, stainless
                                             steel or enamel (most brewers
                                             prefer stainless steel)

         (2)   Fermenter -       Container in which the yeast does
                                             its job!   5 - 6 gallon glass carboys
                                             are frequently used, other brewers
                                             use 7.5 gallon food-grade plastic
                                             buckets with a lid

         (3)   Hydrometer -     Instrument that allows you to take
                                             readings of the specific gravity of
                                             your beer before (when it is called
                                             "wort") and after fermentation

        (4)   Thermometer -  Floating variety are the most useful,
                                             Make sure that it will read to 212
                                             degrees F

        (5)   Airlock -                  Little bubbling gadget that prevents
                                              micro-organisms from entering your
                                              fermenting beer while letting the CO2
                                              byproduct of yeast fermentation out;
                                              buy the rubber carboy cap to hold it in

        (6)   Hop Bags -            Nylon or muslin bags that hold your
                                              hops during the boil, this prevents
                                              you from having to strain them out
                                              if they are boiled free

        (7)   Cleansers -           You can purchase these at supply
                                              stores or make your own version by
                                              adding 5 teaspoons of bleach to
                                              5 gallons of water and allowing it to
                                              sit in your primary fermenter for
                                              approximately 30 minutes.  Rinse
                                              with clean water three times to
                                              remove bleach (kills yeast too!)

        (8)   Racking Cane -    Long, curved plastic tube used to
                                             transfer between fermenters
                                             (a process known as "racking")

        (9)   Plastic Tubing -    Used for transfers between
                                              fermenters; make sure that it
                                              is the proper diameter for your
                                              racking cane, the spout on
                                              your bucket, and the rubber
                                              cap on your carboy (usually
                                              will need different diameters)

       (10) Brewing Spoon - Nothing special, just a long-handled
                                             spoon to stir a large volume of liquid


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